Nectarines, in New York?

Upstater, an interesting Hudson Valley publication whose motto is “live like a local,” mentions local peaches in the front matter of its recently released Fall issue, referring the reader to this online article. I remember being surprised that they are grown in this area. (I moved here 15 years ago or so.)

Here I offer a picture of some nectarine slices from fruit I bought not that long ago at the Kingston farmers’ market in Uptown. Of course, they are a smooth-skinned relative of the peach, perhaps equally growable in this region. Local nectarines sometimes have a distinctive appearance that I do not recall seeing on other peaches, with a yellow and red pattern that I have not run across this year–an interesting and tasty variety, perhaps a bit on the tart side.

I am not sure peaches or nectarines will be on sale locally tomorrow morning, when the market again opens. On the other hand, vegans may enjoy a chance to buy a vegan bar at the Grok stall. Grok–a bit like “gorp”–a name for some trail mixes. An example of the wares at this booth is pictured below with a GoRaw brand name sprouted seed bar that I run across at Rhinebeck’s health food store. No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or sugar equivalents are among the listed ingredients in either case, and great ingredients abound. And then there are the nectarines and peaches.

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