Treenut cheese question answered; vegan school lunches!

Treeline Herb Garlic Soft Cheese - Diary Free Cashew Cheese

In yesterday’s post, I featured a picture of a salad containing dollops of vegan cheese. I had ordered the salad at the cafe Outdated: An Antique Cafe in Kingston, New York.  I speculated that the cafe had an artisanal approach that usually means less processing and fewer, more simple ingredients. I pointed out that the nutritional implications were probably favorable. I had forgotten that the café uses cheeses from Treeline in its vegan dishes and in fact that information about the product involved is online. Here is a link to the company’s ingredient page, which confirms that the soft cheeses shown in the picture are made with a handful of ingredients. The image above depicts one of a number of varieties of soft cheese offered by the firm, which also makes a firmer, aged cheese on sale around the country at thousands of stores.

Many will know that Treeline manufactures its cheese here in the Hudson Valley. It boasts an artisanal (crafted) approach.  It’s cheeses tend to be served as appetizers at the Thanksgiving event held each year by the Hudson Valley Vegans and fast approaching. One can join the organization online at Alternative means are available; see the organization’s website.

Last year, an article in the food issue of the magazine The New Yorker noted that artisan food was one of a number of “small food” trends that are ongoing following the Obama administration’s–and Michelle Obama’s–mixed success with various food policy initiatives. The article’s author, Michael Pollan, reports that the artisanal sector is small but rapidly growing.

Also, less than 100 miles away, the New York City school system will now offer a vegan lunch entrée option at all of its schools, according to a VegNews article. Most schools will apparently serve hummus to students choosing this option. Here is Moozine’s link to the article, which reports signs of a positive early reception.

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