Some more awareness and Hudson Valley micro-nutrition

In a piece timed for breast cancer awareness month, Dr. Joel Fuhrman highlights the role of flax and chia seeds in the prevention of breast cancer. Of course, they and other seeds have other great health benefits. He notes that flax seeds, as whole seeds, have benefits not offered by oils refined from flax because the seeds contain lignans and other micronutrients not present in a clear oil. For those people who are into scientifically based explanation of why foods are healthy the piece is very helpful–typical of Fuhrman’s writings.

Raw salad and fruit also plays a big role in reducing the risk of cancer, according to much research. (See Dr. Fuhrman’s site and books (such as the bestseller Eat to  Live) for more details. (Link is to book’s page at indie bookseller Alibris)  I here are a picture of two salads I ate at Kingston’s vegetarian Outdated (first row) and one I made and ate for dinner with ingredients from a great local grocery store.  You get the idea. The first salad features some (nut-based) vegan cheese; the restaurant makes its own. Raw nuts, like raw seeds, are a nutritional contributor. Also, less processed versions of foods containing strong ingredients tend to be most nutrient dense–another key Fuhrman principle. On the processing dimension of nutrient density, I would expect a product made by the artisanal Outdated to outperform many supermarket vegan products made with long ingredient lists, but probably not my natural foods store-bought ground seeds.

I have not pictured another great salad (ordered with no dressing) that I ate at Garden Cafe Woodstock. , one of four vegan restaurants in the area. The other three are Karma Road in New Paltz, Healthy Gourmet-To-Go in Saugerties, and Morgan’s Cat Cafe in Red Hook. The raw-foods manufacturer Johanna’s Raw Foods in Pine Plains, Eastern Dutchess County, which we mentioned in a recent post, doubles as a retail outlet with some tables.

I note that vegetarian entry Rosendale Cafe, also close by, has been featuring this more vegetable-rich-looking vegan curry as a menu-board special when it is not offering their more usual vegan garbanzo bean curry over rice. A webcam image of the restaurant’s menu board is frequently updated on the restaurant’s homepage.

I hope people will try a lot of these places without worrying about what I or someone else features on the web. The examples are meant as general inspiration–and of course I cannot offer medical advice!

Finally, ending where I began, the salad at the top is another example of nutrient density. It combines fresh fruit, dried apricot, raw radicchio and broccoli–all chopoped–some ground flax seed sprinkled from a container I keep in my refrigerator, and a simple dressing of 100-percent pomegranate juice.

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