Johanna Sophia tries her hand at summit; festival approaches

Johanna Sophia of Johanna’s Raw Foods in Pine Plains, New York hosts a raw foods summit online! Here is a link sent by Johanna to her mailing list. Watch out, as Johanna’s spiel begins without warning when you reach the front page. The summit requires a quick sign-up procedure, where you provide your name and email address. I recall a wonderful alternative French food adventure at her restaurant a few years ago in the setting of rural Pine Plains.  I was one of a group of intrepid Hudson Valley Vegans. I have not listened to much yet, so I cannot offer an opinion about the quality of the interviews, but any Summit from Johanna promises to be of interest–and people will want to decide for themselves! Of course, feel free to offer your thoughts below; just press “add a comment.” Johanna’s products are all vegan and hers is the only raw food restaurant that I know of in the mid-Hudson Valley.

By the way, I apologize for a bad link in my previous post to Ocean Robbins’s Food Revolution Network.

In nearby Ulster County, O+ (pronounced “oh positive” like the blood type), a big festival featuring musical acts and other events to benefit health care for local artists, takes place Friday through Saturday around Kingston. This event is not specifically vegan, but there is for example an event at the Guatamalan-American fusion Peace Nation Cafe (site under construction), which has is rated “veg-options” by the demanding reviewers of Happy Cow. 

The O+ event is not specifically about veganism, but its theme overlaps our own, in its connection to health. This new blog will occasionally feature links of this type, while remaining at the intersection of the trio of healthy eating, veganism and  vegetarianism, and the mid-Hudson Valley.

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